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Manual Is200 Reverse Gear Problem

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Hi guys,

I've got a 99' manual IS200 which recently has developed a problem where it becomes very hard to engage reverse gear from a standstill with the clutch fully depressed. First gear is notchy but reverse gear is definitely much worse. All other gears engage fine. Reverse gear engages more easily when the car is rolling backwards slightly.

I did have a brand new Exedy HD clutch + Single Mass Flywheel kit installed in January this year and never had any issues until now.

Could it be due to:
-reverse gear synchros worn

-leaky clutch master/slave cylinder

-pressure plate?

Any ideas folks? Anyone else experience this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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What fluid is in the Box, and how often have you been chaning it?

when you want to select reverse, do you select 1st and then go to select reverse? or just try and go stright in from neutral?

Even brand new cars it is easier to pick reverse when you put a bit of load on the reverse gear at the beginning of the selection, and slightly release the clutch off the floor, or go first then reverse - should pop straight in!

Remember these Aisin 6spd boxes are a good 15 years old, there isn't alot of fancyness about these gearboxes.

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