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Revs Check On Is250 Showing Toyota Motor Corporation?


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Hi All,

Long short short, I'm currently in the market for a IS250, I recently did a Revs check on one I'm going to inspect. The results show: 2008 RED TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION SEDAN SEDAN.

My question is why does it show Toyota Motor Corporation and not Lexus? I understand Toyota and Lexus are the same corp, however I checked other random IS250's and most of them had the correct description: e.g. 2007 BEIGE LEX IS250 SEDAN

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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Hi Tam,

Welcome to the club.

When I was in the market for a IS250, I also saw numerous IS250s with Toyota Motor Corporation Sedans on the RTA website when I ran the checks. It may just have been how it was registered.

The best bet is to make sure the VIN and engine numbers on the REVs and history check are matching the codes on the vehicle. You can also call up the dealer that it was serviced at to confirm the details of the vehicle and the service history.

I know someone with a RX450h that shows up as a Toyota Motor Corporation RX100 series and not a Lexus RX450h.

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Thanks for the reply mate,

I called up the RTA, and they too confirmed that at the time of registration the dealer would've entered the details as Toyota Motor Corp. To change these details, it requires getting a blue slip done again.

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