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Is 250/350 F Sport (Or Luxury)

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There are a number of factors that affect the price. One of the major factors is market forces: Lexus Australia would need to set the features and prices of its cars having regard to the those of its direct competitors. But each of these luxury marques, in turn, incur additional costs when selling in Australia. Many in the blogosphere will quote US car prices and marvel at the difference to Australian prices, but the following considerations should be made to ensure you're comparing oranges with oranges:

  • The base price of Lexus vehicles in many other countries exclude numerous items that are found as standard on Australian Lexus vehicles. For example, the US spec excludes heated and ventilated front seats, the navigation system, reverse monitor and Lexus Park Assist.
  • Prices quoted in the US exclude state sales tax. In California, for example, this is 9% of the sale price. Dealer prices advertised in Australia include 10% GST and Luxury Car Tax (30% of every dollar above $60,316 in the GST-inclusive sale price).
  • Australia has a 5% tariff (on the ex-GST retail price) on imported cars. Other countries may have less: in USA, it's 2.5%.

Other reasons have been given in the past for the price differential, such as higher transport costs from Japan, the need to hedge the Australian currency, the relatively smaller market (higher unit costs) and the need to recoup R&D costs involved in compliance with Australian Design Rules.

But on the basis of the three aforementioned bullet points alone, Lexus Australia's and the dealer's premium on vehicle prices, like-for-like, is much less than you may initially think.

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In addition to the above cars (well most things to be honest) are cheaper in the US.

Also remember that base wages in Australia are really good; our cost of living is high

To answer your initial question not too sure. The models are still new so don't expect too much of a discount

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