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hey guys, yet another suspension question, I’m thinking
about lowering my car a little to improve the look but don’t want to reduce the
ride quality, looks like the f sport springs maybe a good choice from what i
read, ok so who can recommend a good place to do the work, i was thinking i
could call my dealer (Parramatta Lexus) I’m not far from them, or if some here knows
of a good place and for those of you who have done this how much should it cost
me and does it compromise the ride quality much?


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Don't know if the f sport will make much of a difference. Did you have a lot of weight in the boot when at pic was taken? There's a lot of front end lift going of that pic. Or is the car just normally like that?

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You could just drop the front but just make sure the front and rear have compatible spring rates or the ride will be weird

Have a chat to the blokes at headmans suspension (Sydenham) they're the best in the Biz

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The best upgrade I had done to my is250 was fitting the bc coilover suspension

It had a better ride and way better handling than stock

I've since sold the car and put it back to standard

So I do have next to new coilovers in the box at home

Still under warranty too .

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called my dealer today, they said not to fit f sport spring's because the ride will be very hard, said i should drive an f sport before i do it, he said they dont like to drive them because they are so hard!

i was suprised at this.

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