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Hello there,

I just ordered a set of brake pads for my GS300, but ended up with incorrect set of pads. Shipping back to the point of sale is way too expansive, so I am trying to figure out if the pads will fit any of the local Australian market Lexus or Toyota cars.

What front brake pads IS is using across the production years?

I got here a set of Akebono ACT908 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic pads. They look like this.


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It might be a bit late to ask but would you be able to confirm that the "Akebono ACT908 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic" pads did not fit your 2005 GS300?

I ask because I was about to order the exact same ones from overseas for my 2005 GS300 and don't want to be in the same boat.

Oddly, the Australian Akebono website says ACT908 is the correct part number for the 2005 GS300's front brake pads.

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That's correct. The Australian website is wrong and australian Akebono sales rep is an asshole.

This is the correct parts.

I use these pads in all my card. Excellent performance and longevity, virtually no dust. Highly recommend them.

Akebono ACT1113 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set


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Thanks for that! So the ACT1113 are actually the front brake pads and ACT908 just plain don't fit?

The site says ACT1113 are for the back and ACT908 are for the front - if that's wrong it's a fairly problematic oversight on their part. No wonder all the other webpages I went to (like Amazon) said the 908s weren't compatible with the 2005 GS300!

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That's correct.

The GS300 at some point was supplied to the different market with different brake options. That is the reason why there is a mix up.

Australian delivered GS300 are from the same butch supplied for European markets.

This is how Australian front calipers look like. You need Akebono ACT1113 ProACT to fit in there.


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Excellent, thank you so much for clarifying that; you've saved me time and money!

I'm guessing you had a conversation or two with the Akebono sales rep about is very matter :)

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Hi Sockeye,

Unfortunately, I got the ACT1113 pads but, unlike your experience with your 2005 GS300, they would not fit on mine at the front but would, at least, fit the back.

As I still need front brake pads I've posted to the GS300 forum hoping there will be someone else with the same car as mine with the front calipers that won't take ACT1113 but will take ACTxxxx (whatever it might be).


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