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Nissan 350Z Wheels On Lexus Gs300.

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Just for the google record. The 350z 18 inch wheels fit well and look good.

Will order hub centering rings for $25 for the sake of technical perfection, and getting the blank central caps in 54/50mm size appears to be a chor, but otherwise a very good option. A good set of Nissan take offs could be had for a killer deal.

I got mine with staggered tyre option. 245/40/18 rear and 225/45/18 front. Yoko advan sport with 5k on them:-). Seems to be working very good.




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245/45 for the rear sounds like the right idea. Hm, maybe next set of tyres in that size. What about front ones? Would 245/45 work well up front?

I ordered the aluminum rings from UK. Yet to arrive.

Driving without rings for now. No issues, really.

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225/45 and 245/45 were stock tyres for the wheels. I think 40 looks too thin. 45 help fill the guards.

I heard aluminium rings sticks to the hub, ebay sells 66.1 polycarbonate ones for cheap.

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