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Fs: Auto Folding Mirrors And Fujita Short Ram Intake


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as I am selling my car very soon I want to part out the few mods I have, the auto folding mirrors were own at the latest Lexus Owners meet (so they are brand new and have not been touched) and I don't see the point in installing them as I am selling the car very soon and the Intake has been on my car for about 3 years now and was bought off another forum member. If you don't know the Fujita is the loudest intake for the 2IS (tested by me and a few other members) but only when over 3500rpm with at least half or full open throttle. other wise the car sounds stock when driving "normally."

60$ for the mirror kit and 150$ for the intake. also might sell the clear LED IS-F style tail lights I have but at a later point in time.


call or text me on 0433 969 826 if you're interested or have questions, thanks

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I wanted to win the Auto mirror kit for my other Lexus (RX 350), BUT the person who WINS it @ the owners meetup RE-Sells it .. Hahah

(You did Win it fare and square though),

Love the auto fold mirror kit on my IS 250 tho,

So I might be interestd in the mirror kit if you were selling it for less,

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