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Front Tyre Wear!

- Raven -

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Just a friendly reminder to keep an eye on the inside of your front tyres!!!

Found this yesterday on the passenger side when cleaning up my wheels. The driver side front is ok, and so too are the rears. My car is daily driven by my wife, and has just over 30k kms.


I know this is a common problem due to the toe out settings, has anyone tried changing their front toe settings back to zero for even tyre wear?

So anyway, I'm up for new tyres now. Since I have to order in regardless of what I get, I'm going to go for the 245/35R19 front and 275/30R19 rear set up in the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. They seem to get a good rap, plus an extra inch tread width front and back with a tyre that's lighter than the OEM Bridgestones should be a great thing!


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It's a common issue, the ISF's are set up very aggressively from factory.

The outside shoulders are scrubbed down too, so you can really tell it's a heavy car.

Yes, very scary! The missus would have had some fun if it blew out! Lucky I had the urge to clean up the rims again!

She drives it 90% of the time just to and from work, so I thought the tyres would have lasted a lot longer (30k kms is decent compared to what others are getting lol). I'm the one that gives it a good flogging! :P

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I just got my quote from Tirerack for the Michelin PSS, with the exchange rate and import tax/duty, they're only about $200 cheaper than getting the tyres up from Sydney. That's about the freight cost up from Sydney anyway.....

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Tempe were $400 for the fronts and $550 for the rears in the 245/275 size. $1900 plus $160 shipping to Darwin.

Tirerack were about US$1500 delivered, and would be about $200 extra for duty and gst etc. Roughly about $1900 all up.... Not worth the effort.

Exchange rate not helping at all lol! :(

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My tyres turned up today! Very happy with Tempe, they were $1998 delivered in the end, and only took 4 days to get to Darwin! Nice fresh rubber too, they were manufactured on 25th and 27th week of 2013. :)

Man they're wide! Can't wait to get them fitted! I'll post some pics when its all done. ;)

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