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Lexus Of Chatswood Track Day.

Peter G

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Just got my car back today from the transport company as i attended the Lexus of Chatswood F Club track day. I would firstly like to extend a big THANK YOU to Chris and the rest of the team for their exceptional service and support. The track day was nothing short of brilliant. It was nice to meet fellow ISF owners and IS350 owners who are as keen or if not more keen about their Lexus's as i am. All the guys there were good sports and were just having a good time. Even though i had to travel from Adelaide for this event it was definitely worth it. I would be happy to do it again. I would also like to personally thank Andrew (ISF Bloke) for his hospitality and friendship.

I can honestly appreciated and see how much effort goes into organising this event and how Chris and the team make every effort to accommodate everyone. Brilliant effort guys. You have earned my respect and friendship.

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Glad you enjoyed it Peter.

Hope to see you again soon and have more fun.

Also thanks to Chris I was able to make this video:


It wasn't intended for public viewing so fast forward to 2:30.

Let me know if you want to see a brand new AMG Merc going off the track in a spectacular manner too.

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