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Let's Revive This Forum!

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Hi guys. I stumbled across this forum and noticed it's pretty dead around here. Let's try and revive them because I think it's a shame that other LOC forums are thriving whilst little old Aussieland's is dying. First, I wanna just introduce myself. I'm from Melbourne and recently ordered a manual IS250 Prestige in classic black from Lexus of Blackburn. Delivery is quoted to be around the 20th of January. :) I'll keep you updated if anybody actually bothers to reply to this post.

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Totally agree with you IS250fied. We must do something here and start to share information about our Lexus like those in the UK forum. There're a lot of stuffs over there such as where to get the parts cheaper, who's doing better job, where to get the best geometry & service, what should be done to the car to keep it in the best condition possible and save money, and helping each other etc.....

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Totally agree with you. We need more people's input.

I think the Lexus dealers should include information about these forums when people buy their cars.

Looking at the US web site today, I have found that one of the users has added the IS250 and 350 manuals in PDF form. They look a little morte comprehensive then the one that comes with the car.

IS250fied and kelvinhuang, have you got your new cars? What's your verdict?

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