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Rx330 Sat Navigation Read Disc Error - Need Help

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My car is 2004 RX330.

Last nite, I played around with server menu of Sat Navigation System. I click top left-> bottom left->top left-> bottom left-> bottom right to get the service menu

In "program list" menu, I hightlighted "US-TAB" and click "OK" to load the program. I got "Read disc error", "Please insert proper disk" kind of error message like this. Then the Sat Navigation stop working and stuck on the error message screen everytime I start the car. I try to eject the DVD map and put it back again. Still not working.

Does any know how to fix this?? Or how to reset the Sat navigation??

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Mmmm don,t under stand why you play in service mode.. Tech only use this feature to diagnose problems with the system..... OK.. 2 ways to do this....1 what you will need to do is take it to a dealer ship and explain what happened.. this course of action will let the tech know how and where to look... the sat nav units have different configurations think i counted 8 or so...2 ignorance also serves well when it comes to a warranty..

Good luck.. :rolleyes:

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