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Hi guys

My car is up for its 150k service. Got a quote from Melbourne City Lexus for $1.3k. Apparently it's a major service.

Considering the car's high k's, I'm thinking of taking it outside the lexus dealer. Anyone know any place / can recommend? I couldn't find much info for independent Lexus mechanics in Melbourne.

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There is a good mechanic I know in Boronia, extremely professional as he is the dad of Cody Croker (check Internet if u like) He knows what he is doing and price is fair too, he does everything for my lexus abd let me know if u interested.

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Yeah I also couldn't find anyone who specializes in Lexus. Tbh its made and designed by Toyota, only difference being a RWD as opposed to FWD Toyota's. Still a relatively easy car to work on, compared to its European competitors (generally speaking).

So considering that. I decided to take it to my general mechanic who works on my other cars. I recently did the 75K service, which is a minor + intank fuel filter. Which I imagine the 150k service would also include, plus other things I assume.

Here's the thread I posted in, which has the pricing and details of the service:


He was more than happy to order genuine parts as I requested. Other mechanics like Ultratune tried to convince me that it was a waste of money and time.

If you're very picky, then he didn't reset the service reminders on the GPS head unit. However that's very easy and can be done yourself in 2 mins, its essentially part of the calender facility. However if your IS250 doesn't have GPS, then no problem.

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Hi all,

If you have your Lexus serviced outside a dealership in Melbourne and you recommend them, can you please post details of them here or PM me please?

I've had a good search through the posts and can't seem find any clear recommendations.

I have an IS250 that is getting on with age and has very high KMs, so looking for a local mechanic to do the job understanding that they probably aren't the specialists you get at Lexus dealerships.

I'm new to the forum, apologies in advance if i've breached any rules! :)

Much appreciated!

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I service my car at this local mechanic in Boronia and he is very professional and fair priced. 30 years experiences mechanic & he does oil change, water pump, carbon cleaning & spark plugs for my is250 and everything is good and much cheaper than Lexus dealership.

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