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Oem Wheel Color

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I have just bought another set of stock rims to refurbish, and I'm hoping that somebody here has a paint code that matches OEM graphite IS300 wheels. I saw a post on a US site that mentioned "YR508M-3 Honda heather mist", but I'd like something that matches better than "pretty well".

Has anyone painted stock wheels themselves, or had them painted, and how did they turn out. Would be interested to see a few color options (my IS is white).

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I've painted wheels before its a pain in the a$$ but what you put in determines your finish I did it with a bunch of spray cans

But let me make a suggestion plastidip available from most auto stores and available in heaps of colours and finishes

I mean why stick to stock gunmetal grey in gloss finish would look nice on a white IS. that way you can have a set for the summer and a set for the winter just a thought good luck

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Thanks Lefty

I don't know anything about the plastidip stuff. I picked up a second set of rims today, that still need a bit of repair, and a can of the Honda Heather Mist color to trial. I'll post some pics here, but will be a while before I get to that stage, especially with the heat in Adelaide over the next 2 days :|.

The Heather Mist should keep me close to standard, but certainly once I get the rims I picked up today repaired, repainted, and tyres swapped, I will look at doing up my existing rims in a different color.

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Hi Lefty. Sorry, life has taken over, and I still have the replacement rims that I am going to repaint in the shed. If anyone is desperate, or looking for standard rims in Adelaide, please contact me.

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