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We are currently looking at a Lexus IS350 X. The only concern I have is that the Navigation system seems a bit clunky and seems to not allow any changes while the car is driving which means the passenger can't make route changes or new routes except if the car is stopped. The car is a February 2013 model and I am wondering whether there is an upgrade that improves the screen image and lock out. I am comparing the system with the BMW 330D system which is just fantastic.

My question are, whether there is an improved system, can you override the lock out or perhaps I am just prejudging and excellent system and that it is better than it initially looks????

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I'm about to have an override fitted to my IS350 for the phone use as well. Professionally. But their sound and phone systems are generations behind other maufacturers. Lexus/Toyota are the most nannying backward company I have ever dealt with. This is just one of many reasons why.

If you are in Sydney I can steer you in right direction.

But having owned a BMW previous I suggest their systems would be light years ahead of Lexus.


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I think the lexus GPS display is probably about 2 generations behind others that I have owned, ie no 3D image available, however I have had an override fitted that allows me to override GPS, music and phone while on the move. It's brilliant and probably the best bit of value that I have had to spend. I'm in Sydney so if you are I can put you in touch with my technician, which is a "genuine" hardware/software that is fitted. Apparently because Toyota is such a "nanny" company for these sort of things many people have come up with various solutions.


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