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No doubt you have heard that the Mazda MX5 won the wheels 2005 car of the year.

The IS250 was in the 4 finalists.

Wheels always make mention of cars that have a space saver spare wheel. Might be ok in the UK

and in Europe but hardly approriate to Australian conditions.

Does the IS250 have a space saver? Criticism has been raised towards the BMW 3 series on this issue. Supporters claim that having a space saver reduces weight and allows for greater storage capacity.

A criticism noted towards the IS250 is the lack of rear space for passengers. If the IS250 does have a space saver spare wheel could engineers used this additional space to ensure the rear seat passengers have more leg room?

What do you think? :unsure:

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The IS250 has a space saver spare - and it looks like it's a really cheap steel nasty. Surprising when considering the finish of the rest of the car

What Wheels said was lack of foot room. Leg room is ok- but there is little space under the (front) seats to place your feet. However you can raise the height of the front seats to allow more room - but only for shorter drivers. The space saver just makes more boot room

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of all the cars i have owned i have only ever used a spare once.

I prefer the space saver if you know that you can drive 20 miles to the nearest tyre place.

But i agree that cars in Australia or even USA should have something better because of the the distance if stuck in the middle of nowhere

A can of tyre weld could help for a short while too i guess.

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