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IS200 high idle when at operating temp.

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Hi All

First post here.

My 1999 is200 1GFE manual recently has been sitting at 3000rpm as soon as it reaches operating temperature. My problem is similar to the ones these guys experienced:

Is200 Sports Luxury 1999 Model Idle Problem - General Automotive Discussion - SAU Community

Is200 High Revs On Idle? (lexusownersclub Of NZ/Australia)

It drives fine until it warms up (or after about 15 mins of normal driving). Ive checked every sensor on the throttle body for continuity just in case the loom has corroded but they were all fine. Ive also tried another second hand throttle body with the same results. Ive even had a mechanic put it on a scanner and apparently the throttle only registers 26% when your foots flat to the ground.

He reckons one of the 30 billion sensors on throttle body are dodgy or my ECU is fried. 

The car is also currently running stupid rich, ive basically doubled my fuel consumption.

Does anyone else know what may be causing this issue??

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