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ISF - 2013 Front and rear springs, with bumpstops


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Hi all,

I bought these springs and bump stops for my 2009 ISF, with the intention of installing them with some Bilstein shocks. But the shocks i bought only fit the 2008-2010 springs, not 2011 onwards. I really should have thought it through haha!! These will be softer / more compliant for those users who have a 2011 onwards car, or who need to go back to stock after modifying. They are genuine OEM parts

Anyway here are the part number details:

Front springs - 48131-53460

Rear springs - 48231-53390

Bumpstops - 48341-30140

If you look up the details of cost for these parts, your eyes will water, selling the lot for $550.








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FYI, the Bilstein shocks actually made a great difference, stock ride height, but much more compliant over small bumps and imperfections. Its still firm, but feels like its more glued to the road now and less jittery than stock. A very worthwhile investment for me as i am in the car 4 hours a day working in real estate.

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