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Possible IS-F Owner


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Hi All,

I'm new here and new to the Lexus brand so please be gentle.

I'm currently driving an aging C-class ///AMG as my daily and a used IS-F popped up on my radar as a possible option for a replacement.

I have enjoyed driving the ///AMG, especially the straight line performance and the V8 growl, but the dealer support, or lack of for the AMG models, and their ever increasing penchant for guessing and charging first, and actually doing any troubleshooting later, is scaring me off going back to the brand. (I got rid of my earlier BMW's for a similar reason).

I'm getting rather sick of second guessing them and having to do my own research on forums to tell them what's actually wrong whenever I have an issue! (And I'm certainly no mechanic).

There doesn't appear to be many on the market, and the only 2 in VIC are both 2010 models, (which is a bit older than I'd like, but the K's aren't too bad on them and they are well priced), so if anyone knows which dealers/Independants in Victoria have specific knowledge on this model and can offer a detailed PPI so I can get one or both of them checked out that would be great.

Lexus's (Plural Lexii??) appear to have significant more bang for buck when it comes to standard features and a reputation for reliability and quality, so I'd also like to know is if there are any known issues that I should be looking out for on a 6 yo car and what the dealer support and knowledge is like for this model? (In particular City/SE Suburbs Melbourne).

I've organised a test drive for later this week and will judge the performance for myself soon, but I could live with a slight trade-off in performance if I can get improved reliability and additional standard features.

I like my cars to sound good to so I hope the exhaust note can be easily fixed if it's too "quiet" :wink3:.

Thanks in advance.




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Hi Mate,

You will be very happy with the reliability of an ISF, very few if any problems with them, maybe the odd water pump failure on early models but in general they are built like a tank. I also have had a C63, then went to a RS5 after that bought an ISF sold that and bought a M3 now I'm back in a 2013 ISF as I have started doing a lot of km again. C63 is faster and sounds better but no where near the reliability in my opinion, especially as they both age but I do prefer the seats in the C63 and M3. Sound wise the ISF is quiet so you will need to upgrade exhaust if you like noise, not a huge amount of options available though.

Try and get a MY11 ISF as it has the updated dash and daytime running lights plus a few other tweaks, it's worth the extra IMO. They really are super reliable and relatively cheap to maintain except for brakes but you can import your own parts at half the dealer price and as you said excellent bang for your buck.

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Thanks BULLIT for your comprehensive response.

Unfortunately doesn't appear to be any 2011+ models on the market in VIC at the moment...

Might have to hold on to the Merc longer or settle for a 2010.

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to me the ISF is one of those cars where if its had a service history / and have it inspected you really should have no problems at all apart from maybe having to replace tyres or rotors which as mentioned above is not all that bad.

I also would not limit myself to 'VIC only' look AUS wide, find the model you want (I would also go 2011+) and secure it.

I know its a bit of a hassle but for the right car its worth it, I flew down to VIC to pick up my 2011 - I know Danny went to QLD for his first F and a few guys have picked some up from WA even!

BULLIT - wow considering the perfomrnace cars you have been in that says quite a bit that you are now back in an F!

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