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ES300 Opaque headlight replacement

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G'day all,

My son has just acquired his learners permit & a ES300 2000 model. Looking at replacing both headlights as they are opaque & function poorly, a recipe for disaster with an inexperienced driver. after  discussions with a mechanic who has had a fair bit of experience trying to buff & relaquer lights using various methods, he has come to the conclusion that its a temporary fix at best, virtually a waste of time. Cant seem to find jack in Oz for replacements, But have found a pair of new OEM's in America, $255 AUS. Cant find a definite answer as to whether a left hand drivers headlight is the same as a right hand one as far as bias goes. unfortunately both existing headlights have blown so cant even guess. Conflicting info, some say bias on drivers light, others say both lights the same. Anyone have a definitive answer?           

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Have you tried Autosol metal polish (Repco) it works a treat don't go and buy any kit as they are all just abrasive polishes and a rip off, work the autosol  a few times by hand you have nothing to lose, let us know how you go. If they are to gone check YouTube with fine wet and dry and then polish then wax sealant.

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Thanks 2bling,  tried the Autosol, big improvement. used in conjunction with Meguiars plasticx.
 the latter removed all the scratches caused by 2000 grit wet & dry sandpaper. it would advise anyone coming across this info doing research to stay away from all the info you will find about using sandpapers & the kits you can buy are all rubbish.
 prior to using Autosol & plastic X the Lexus headlights were so bad that you could see the front blinkers flashing on approaching road signs. Now their approx 80-90% Compared to my work echo which now has brand new headlights. I might add had the echo lights restored by the fleet mechanics. they also tried various kits which at first looked great even when clear coated after. within 2 months they were yellow/brown compared to the original opaque colour. No doubt the lexus will need maintenance polishes now & then but this should be relatively quick & easy using the mentioned products. the common theory I have heard from a few people is its caused by E10 exhaust fumes eating the original protective coating of the poly carbonate lenses.

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