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Anyone know how to remove the fender?

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Hey guys,

So someone apparently swiped my car and the front fender has a nasty dent on it. The guy also scraped off quite a bit of paint and it's gone to bare metal. Problem is, he did a runner on me and I have no idea how to track the person (pretty sure it happened in the visitor carpark of my in-law's place and there's no CCTV) :crybaby:

The insurance on my excess is $2000 (I'm relatively safe with my driving and it's really only in case someone steals my car, totals it, or if I hit someone's ferrari). A brand new replacement fender will set me back less than $200, and with another $100 for paint and clear, which I'm quite comfortable to do already, I think the best option is to approach the task myself.

Can anyone point me to instructions on how to remove the fender panel, specifically, the driver's side one? Amazingly, my bumper wasn't deformed, although it will need a good sanding and respray. I found ONE link to a my.is page but the URL seems broken.

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