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Hello !

my 1993 UCF10  lexus has an engine noise.

The car doesnt get driven much 

If i leave it for more than a month , and then start it , there is a tapping from the engine like a loose tappet , accompanied by rough running !

The noise goes away after about 10 seconds , and the engine becomes smooth 

If the car sits for about 5 days , then i start it - no problem , only very slight roughness , but no noise !

I am running castrol 15w - 40 oil - have been for 13 years , but prob has only started recently at 308,000k 

someone suggested using 10w 30 oil and nulon E20  modern engine treatment 

any ideas ?

thanks , Murray Mules 






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Hi Murray

I would suggest running an oil flush treatment through the engine prior to changing the oil and filter.

Consider running the engine on a 10w30 spec oil as you have already suggested and an engine treatment would ensure the oil gets to where it should do quicker, therefore eliminating the rough idle and tapping noise.

Keep us updated on how this goes.


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