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Recommendations for aftermarket reverse camera

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Hi all

I have a 2003 Lexus GS300 L Tuned and would like to install a reverse camera for easier parking. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which are the better ones? Preferably wired connected to reverse and with the image shown on the existing GPS/touch screen (original from factory). I would like to get a qualified installer to install it if possible as I would like the vehicle to look clean/stock. I tried finding some info online but can't seem to find any stores/company that specialises in these reverse cameras/installations.

I am based in Sydney metro

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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Hello Dan, another GS Ltuned, there are not many of us.  welcome to the club. 

I had a reversing camera fitted to my 2003 GS Ltuned, it was back in 2007, and it still works fine.

They installed a camera on the back just above the number plate, and is hooked up to the vehicles GPS/touch screen, and works when you place it in reverse.  I not sure of the brand, but it is still working after 10 years.  it was supplied & installed by Lexus of Chatswood service,  give them a call.  (02) 9406 8388.

How long have you had your GS Ltuned, & which colour.  I enjoy mine, and it is silver with black interior, with 164k on it now.   any pictures of yours.



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It’s like the first F Sports, and was shown at the 2002 Sydney Motor Show.  and went on sale in Australia in 2003, as an option package for the GS.

With lowered & stiffer springs, Bilstein shock absorbers, Oz wheels 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9.5 rear, with 235/40 & 265/35  Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, sports exhaust, different tuning for the steering, a mesh grille, yellow fog lights, clear side blinkers, LTuned badges, & floor mats.   there were about 20 sold in Australia.

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Hi John

wow, thanks for the quick response. I was hoping you'd reply as yours have the reverse camera lol. I actually have exactly the same colour combo as yours, i.e silver exterior with black interior (IMO the best looking combo to me albeit there are many who think it's boring). I've not had mine as long as yours, but have always had my eyes set on getting one since the day it was released. Indeed, I waited for quite a number of years before I found one.

Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated. Do you remember approx how much the total was?

This is the only photo of my car I currently have on my phone. Will be taking some better ones when I get the chance.





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Like John said, the L Tuned was like the F sport in the early 2000's and only for the GS/IS lines. It would be nice if we got the GS430 (this gen) with the awesome V8, or the IS300 sportcross, both which I wouldn't mind having.

Here's hoping Lexus will continue to produce more 'F' models, like RXF, LSF, NXF, ESF, CTF etc to complete the lineup and compete with AMGs and Ms.

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