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Hey guys,

Some people have expressed a few interest in these two items and I'd like to organise a group buy.

Box Compartment - $100 each
ISF Steering Damper + the two bolts - $50

If you're in Sydney I can install these in your car for you. For those interstate, you'll probably need to pay for shipping but it won't be much anyway




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Please enlighten me on the steering damper and how it works, affects, feel etc. It looks like inertia weights or harmonic reducer?

Very interested ;)

I currently design 4x4 suspension kits including dampers. I use a part that looks like a shock absorber across steering components.



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Put the order through and I should have the shipment by mid next week.

For those you haven't please PM me your details for shipping (for interstate buyers) and your number (for local) to arrange pickup/installation/shipping.

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Bad news...

My supplier has informed me that they were only able to get 1 of the compartments in.

Toyota has had a manufacturing issue and could not supply the other 3.

They estimate that it will take around a month for the rest of the order to come through.

If you guys are happy to wait a month then I'll put the order through. If not I'll just cancel...

The steering dampers have no issue so no worries there.

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