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Hi everyone, I am a new member and new owner of a 2010 Lexus RX350 Sports. I am after any towing advice anyone can give me on the car, any experiences they have had, and any issues encountered. 

I've learned the car had a reasonably low tow rating considering its size and engine specs, unfortunately when I searched on carsales.com.au and redbook.com.au I was told it had a rating on 2000 kgs. I've since been told by Lexus that it's only 1500 kgs which was fairly disappointing after putting down a $1000 deposit in the car. None the less I love the car and according to the service history and kilometers it seems to be a good deal. 

However I plan on towing a small camper van that weights about 1,480 kgs. I am now chasing any information about why the rating is so low...... I have read some OS reviews that suggest that it's because of the transmission ability and over heating issues. That has me worried being so close to the 1500 kg mark considering steep ascents/descents both put additional strain on transmissions.

Does anyone have any advice........?



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