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I am considering swapping the transponder and battery from my November 2007 (2008 Upgrade) RX350 Sports Luxury original key (Blade Length 41mm, Width 8mm, Thick 3mm, Central Groove Length 32mm) to a 3-button Flip Key Shell. Although I located an American vendor of suitable U.S. manufactured Flip Key Shells, they were no longer stocked and my subsequent request for their supplier's contact details went unanswered.

e-Bay lists allegedly suitable Flip Key Shells available from China or Hong Kong. However, their price of approx A$7 and Free Postage, indicates, to me at least, the questionable quality of steel used in the key blank.

If any member has obtained a quality Flip Key Shell from other than China or Hong Kong, I would appreciate advice and any other input. I require only the Shell, not the transponder and battery.


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