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  1. Apologies guys, I’ve had a lot to contend with these past weeks since being diagnosed with Ventricular Fibrillation which, in turn, can cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest; the operative word being the adjective “SUDDEN”! My vehicle was ready for it’s round-Oz bucket-list road trip to meet up with fellow Veterans I served with over a 25-year career. Fat chance now! I have surrendered my licence, sold my vehicle (gnashing of teeth) and bought a Corolla for SWMBO. Now my transport is either the Corolla or an electric buggy - FARK, what a comedown. Anyway, as posted (17 July, I believe), the disc I purchased presented no problems and worked as it should have.
  2. I went with the same guys. It’s NOT an Aussie business, it’s based in the UK but they must have an Aussie agent. My CD was also delivered in 4 days in an Australia Post padded envelope. My CD also works properly. The “funds transfer” caused me to research where I located adverse criticism about them, albeit a number of years ago. However, I am satisfied with my purchase which is fully functional. There you have it for what it’s worth! $100 against >$400, your choice.
  3. Sorry bazzle, what is "Orange Download"? My RX350 Sports Luxury was manufactured in Dec 07, shipped to Oz in Jan 08 as a "2008 Upgrade" and first registered in Feb 2008. So, do I use a + or - CD?
  4. Hi bazzle, I too wish to download this torrent (?). At the website on your link, please advise: a. Which option to select; "Download with SSL Encryption" OR "Inline Download"?? b. Can I use one DVD+R Double Layer Thank you. bucephalus
  5. Hi fellow members. I am seeking the Toyota Part Number for a 2008 RX350 Sports Luxury (2GRFE engine which is also fitted to Aussie Toyota Avalon I believe) Water Pump (Kit?). My vehicle is approaching K150kms and, for preventative maintenance purposes, my mechanic will power flush the cooling system, and replace hoses, water pump and drive belt. Thanks and regards
  6. I received my vehicle from the panel beater to find the passenger-side rear window inoperable from the driver's door armrest despite working properly on the hot morning I drove the vehicle to the workshop. The window functions correctly from it's own door switch which rules out the motor. Proposed fault detection: (a) IF fused, check fuse (b) Remove driver's armrest and check switch wiring connections (c) Exchange driver's armrest switch with a known functioning switch and test (d) Purchase and replace driver's armrest switch, if necessary. Before removal of armrests, door trims, switches, etc; can any contributor advise if the driver's armrest switch is fused into the rear passenger window electrical circuit? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi fellow contributors, which OBDII Code Reader would you recommend based on the following requirements? 1. Should be $100 or less, 2. NOT a Chinese import UNLESS the unit has Australian back-up, 3. Either Bluetooth or Cable ( prefer Bluetooth which I can pair with either my iPhone5 or laptop ), 4. Must be capable of reading Lexus specific AND generic DTCs and turn off check engine light, 5. Must support multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer specific codes, and 6. In conjunction with displaying DTC, should be capable of explanation; eg. Lexus specific code: P1345 - VVT Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1) [ Explanation - Variable valve timing sensor - LH bank - circuit malfunction ]. Any code reader which closely matches these requirements will also be considered. EDIT: As I know very little about Readers, the requirements above were drafted from web pages which offered advice on readers.
  8. Problem solved. It would appear that an Android phone must be connected/paired FIRST, followed by the iPhone. 1. Switched ignition on, deleted iPhone5 from vehicle's system (all six "slots" now free), switched ignition off. 2. Switched ignition on, activated Samsung BT, connection established and paired with vehicle. 3. Switched ignition off, switched off Samsing BT. Switched ignition on, activated iPhone5 BT, connection established and paired with vehicle. 4. Despite permitting up to six phones, vehicle system permits ONLY ONE at a time to operate - it's a 10-year old system. Consequently, remember to select appropriate phone before moving off. NOTE: When switching ignition On/Off, only switch to "Accessories"; it is not necessary to start the engine.
  9. Thanks for that advice mate. I'll give it a try when I get home later this week and let you know.
  10. Advice sought to resolve the following Bluetooth problem: Vehicle: 2008 RX350 Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S5 The Samsung works correctly as it detects and pairs with my wife's iPhone 5 but not our RX350's Bluetooth. I have googled the problem and completed the recommended fixes (eg. Clear Cache, etc.), but none have been effective. As the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a popular mobile, I hope contributor/s will know of an effective solution. Thanks.
  11. I am considering swapping the transponder and battery from my November 2007 (2008 Upgrade) RX350 Sports Luxury original key (Blade Length 41mm, Width 8mm, Thick 3mm, Central Groove Length 32mm) to a 3-button Flip Key Shell. Although I located an American vendor of suitable U.S. manufactured Flip Key Shells, they were no longer stocked and my subsequent request for their supplier's contact details went unanswered. e-Bay lists allegedly suitable Flip Key Shells available from China or Hong Kong. However, their price of approx A$7 and Free Postage, indicates, to me at least, the questionable quality of steel used in the key blank. If any member has obtained a quality Flip Key Shell from other than China or Hong Kong, I would appreciate advice and any other input. I require only the Shell, not the transponder and battery.
  12. Agree with ilv4000s. My mechanic is German, BMW trained so is up-to-date with all modern technology. He's not cheap but he is good. Sachs are among the best you can buy!
  13. Suggest you take your vehicle to at least TWO suspension specialists for inspection & report. I purchased my 2008 RX350 Sports Luxury 2 months ago also with 128K on the clock. My trusted mechanic advised the rear shockies dust covers were CUT, not split, and recommended replacement as dust covers are unavailable. He recommended Sachs which are standard fit on most Euro vehicles, for a total cost including labour @ $120/hour of about $900. Do not buy genuine - way overpriced! I'm almost certain the Sachs were: Rear Right: SACHS 312 901, Rear Left: SACHS 312 902 - CHECK FIRST with reputable suspension specialist. HINT: 2008 RX350s have the same engine (2-GRFE) as the 2008 Toyota Aurion XV40. However, Toyota dealers are not permitted to sell spares that are to be used on a Lexus. My wife's car is a 2008 Aurion . RX350 Service Parts: FILTERS: Oil Filter RYCO R2648P, Air Filter RYCO A1491, Cabin Air RYCO RCA152C, Transmission Filter Kit RYCO RTK87. DISC PADS: Front: BENDIX DB1517, Rear: BENDIX DB1518 DRIVE V-BELT: TOYOTA Part No. 99367C2090 (approx $90 from a Toyota dealer) OR BOSCH 7PK2090 ( CHECK FIRST before purchase to confirm - approx $55). Good luck mate. You can also make some good buys on e-Bay!
  14. Contact your insurance company. With 2 independent witnesses, they may take it on. Then again, they may not but what have you got to lose?
  15. I purchased a Cargo Tonneau/Cover for my 2008 RX350 from an Eastrn States wrecker but it does not fit! I have since located and bought locally the correct Tonneau, so the original, which probably fits a model later than mine, or perhaps also an LX, must be sold. Good condition, no rips. There are two pairs of square retainers which appear to hook over fittings mounted on the backs of the rear seat. In each pair, the retainers are (centre to centre) 16cm apart and each pair is (centre to centre) 13cm apart. As I do not wish to hog space on the site, PM me with a private e-mail address and I will forward photos and answer any questions. Dealer's price is approximately $1850 . My price is $200 FIRM excluding postage or courier (your choice) from WA.