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  1. Three years ago, I bought an RX350 Sports Luxury with 128,000Km up. Build date Dec 07, first registered in WA Jan 08 to Dealer Principal, Lexus of Perth. EVERYTHING works as you would expect. Full service history as you would expect. Since then, I have replaced rotors, pads, shocks, radiator & associated hoses, fuel and water pump. It was not they required replacement but what I was taught by my father; Preventative Maintenance! There are many common parts shared with Toyota vehicles, eg. the 2008 Avalon has the same engine - just don’t tell the Toyota dealer the part is for a Lexus a
  2. Hi again Paul, you wrote, in part ” Not in the boot (there is a DVD-drive sized box but there are no slots or anything). “ From memory, in the boot, there’s a face-plate with two tabs; one at each end, which, when pushed down allow the face-plate to be removed. Behind the face-plate MAY be the DVD. You could also check under both front seats. Just located this on Whirlpool Forums; MAY be useful despite referring to 350: I just had my car picked up today for the schedule service and asked the driver where the gps reader was; told him my brief story about the wrong information and
  3. Hi @poisson. The best I can suggest is to Google and view the “Videos”. As mine is a 2008 RX350 (nav disc in boot area ), it’s probably different to yours
  4. This topic was originally titled “Caliper Piston / s”, but is amended to better reflect the braking problem on my 2007 RX350 front wheels. Am experiencing symptoms like a warped rotor (new BDAs twice in last 12 months); a pulsating feel similar to but not ABS. This occurs when braking at speeds <70Kmh. My mechanic has done all the usual; Dial gauge, replace rotors (DBA), pads (Bendix), OBD codes, and ALL tyres have been checked for balance and then rotated. However, problem still exists despite being in workshop for 5 days now. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  5. Apologies guys, I’ve had a lot to contend with these past weeks since being diagnosed with Ventricular Fibrillation which, in turn, can cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest; the operative word being the adjective “SUDDEN”! My vehicle was ready for it’s round-Oz bucket-list road trip to meet up with fellow Veterans I served with over a 25-year career. Fat chance now! I have surrendered my licence, sold my vehicle (gnashing of teeth) and bought a Corolla for SWMBO. Now my transport is either the Corolla or an electric buggy - FARK, what a comedown. Anyway, as posted (17 July, I believe), the di
  6. I went with the same guys. It’s NOT an Aussie business, it’s based in the UK but they must have an Aussie agent. My CD was also delivered in 4 days in an Australia Post padded envelope. My CD also works properly. The “funds transfer” caused me to research where I located adverse criticism about them, albeit a number of years ago. However, I am satisfied with my purchase which is fully functional. There you have it for what it’s worth! $100 against >$400, your choice.
  7. Sorry bazzle, what is "Orange Download"? My RX350 Sports Luxury was manufactured in Dec 07, shipped to Oz in Jan 08 as a "2008 Upgrade" and first registered in Feb 2008. So, do I use a + or - CD?
  8. Hi bazzle, I too wish to download this torrent (?). At the website on your link, please advise: a. Which option to select; "Download with SSL Encryption" OR "Inline Download"?? b. Can I use one DVD+R Double Layer Thank you. bucephalus
  9. Hi fellow members. I am seeking the Toyota Part Number for a 2008 RX350 Sports Luxury (2GRFE engine which is also fitted to Aussie Toyota Avalon I believe) Water Pump (Kit?). My vehicle is approaching K150kms and, for preventative maintenance purposes, my mechanic will power flush the cooling system, and replace hoses, water pump and drive belt. Thanks and regards
  10. I received my vehicle from the panel beater to find the passenger-side rear window inoperable from the driver's door armrest despite working properly on the hot morning I drove the vehicle to the workshop. The window functions correctly from it's own door switch which rules out the motor. Proposed fault detection: (a) IF fused, check fuse (b) Remove driver's armrest and check switch wiring connections (c) Exchange driver's armrest switch with a known functioning switch and test (d) Purchase and replace driver's armrest switch, if necessary. Before removal of armre
  11. Hi fellow contributors, which OBDII Code Reader would you recommend based on the following requirements? 1. Should be $100 or less, 2. NOT a Chinese import UNLESS the unit has Australian back-up, 3. Either Bluetooth or Cable ( prefer Bluetooth which I can pair with either my iPhone5 or laptop ), 4. Must be capable of reading Lexus specific AND generic DTCs and turn off check engine light, 5. Must support multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer specific codes, and 6. In conjunction with displaying DTC, should be capable of exp
  12. Problem solved. It would appear that an Android phone must be connected/paired FIRST, followed by the iPhone. 1. Switched ignition on, deleted iPhone5 from vehicle's system (all six "slots" now free), switched ignition off. 2. Switched ignition on, activated Samsung BT, connection established and paired with vehicle. 3. Switched ignition off, switched off Samsing BT. Switched ignition on, activated iPhone5 BT, connection established and paired with vehicle. 4. Despite permitting up to six phones, vehicle system permits ONLY ONE at a time to operate - it's a 10-year old syst
  13. Thanks for that advice mate. I'll give it a try when I get home later this week and let you know.
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