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USB audio playback


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Hi all,

A bit of a noob question i know but havent had much luck looking for an answer.  I have a 08 ISF so not sure if the newer ones have the same issue but i miss not having a simple USB connection to plug into for audio playback.  Currently using CD's etc but its a bit of a pain to keep burning new ones for an additional song here and there whereas adding extra music onto a USB is as simple as it gets.

Besides upgrading the unit to something like the Vline or connecting an MP3 player to the Aux port, is there another way to utilise the Aux port so i can easily add a USB stick through some kind of cable, connection etc.

Ideally id like to use the interface to control audio playback like a CD which is a must for a USB.  Even if i connected with an MP3 player, id like control via the head unit. 

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