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Hello everyone:yes: 

I would love some help here and would be so much appreciated. I, myself after a long time have finally purchased my Lexus and saved every cent for it to finally now be in disbelief of what it's like to own one now, when it comes to service.

Everywhere I go to take it for a 75,000kms service are asking for $1,000 and above, no I tell a lie actually the cheapest was $950.

I don't understand, is this normal or am I just being tripped because I am a female and they think that females are so dumb?  

I am incredibly sadned with how some of these mechanics have dealt with me and there prices.

Can someone please refer me to a mechanic that deals with Lexus's and knows what they are doing and are honest?! Please, I will take it straight there!

Please, anyone,?!!! 

I am in Sydney, Panania 2213

🙁Thanks so much

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just talk to some of your elderly family and friends members, ask them where they take their cars for the regular service. if you have a look at your service list of items, most of them are just check this, check that. the only real thing that actually gets replaced is the engine oil and filter, which any mechanic can do, so you dont have to go to a lexus dealership :)

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