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Unbelievable. Deadset unbe-f-ing-lievable. Here I am trying to learn how to change my spark plugs, and I'm trying to take out my intake manifold, and I come across this f*cker and his twin brother!!


Seriously, besides the fact that I can't sleeve my ratchet or spanner across, why in the world is this nut literally caked on as though they applied super glue? I've attacked it with my ratchet, spanner, and even my pipe whench. It's just not going anywhere! Wt big f?!


Any ideas on how to take these two nuts off? I'm out of ideas and I'm getting more and more pissed about my car each passing day. The engine layout is just awful to work on!


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Omfg what kind of moron designed this engine layout, seriously???

I've finally swapped the spark plugs. Another clip (again) snapped cuz of the cheap plastic.

I've just spent in excess of one hour trying to reinstall this one lousy screw that mounts the intake manifold to the frame near the throttle body. 

Do they employ child labour over there in Japan or something? Cuz my adult hand can barely fit behind the damn frame, let alone holding a screw steady. Forget about trying to rotate a screw while you're at it. It's a bloody miracle that I haven't lost this screw yet. 

If I was locked in a room with Stalin, Hitler, and the guy who designed this layout, and I had a gun with two bullets..? Yeah you know who I'd shoot twice. 

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Its done, have a beer and enjoy the ride.

Its not only Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Holden, Dodge etc etc .

I occasionally work on 4 wheel drives that look big but when you want to get somewhere... so many wires, covers, tubes, brackets.. its just the way it is.

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I remember I ended up doing the same thing and snapped one of my ignition plugs while pulling it out (they're quite fragile). I just shoved it back in and it ran fine until I decided to just change my engine for peace of mind. Never had any trouble taking my throttle body apart during the process though... except those allen keys...

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Hi guys, thanks for hearing my rant.

Anyway, yes. It's done. I'm out of beers. Damn.

At the end of the day, I snapped two of them. Those things are hopelessly brittle. BUT, I found that another one of my plugs (front most, under manifold) was also snapped, and would have been since at LEAST my previous spark plug change 4 years ago. Guess it's just one of those things that you won't really notice until you start doing things yourself.

I guess the peace of mind is that those plugs stay in quite well without the assistance of the clip, so I'll just keep it there for the time being. Worse case scenario, I'll be running on 3 cylinders until I get to the nearest mechanic.

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