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I purchased a Blackvue after researching for a while and installed front and rear cameras quite easily with cables hidden nicely in roof lining but I'm looking for some advice on which fuse panel I should hardwire the Power Magic Pro to on my LS 460. I need an always on feed and an ignition on feed. Any suggestions?

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Ok for the sake of anyone else thinking of installing a dashcam. 

I pulled the panel off underneath the glove box on the passenger side.

In the fuse box, there's a spare slot next to fuse 6 that's always on. I put a spade connector on to the wire, inserted it to where the fuse would be after bending the spade to 90degrees so that it lies flat and the cover can be replaced. 

Theres another empty but dead slot and then there's fuse 7 that has the audio through it. This is on when the ignition is on so I used this and piggy backed into the slot with the fuse. (The other side from the live side so that it is fused also). The ground wire, I fastened under the bolt that holds the fuse box firm, this seems to have given a good connection.

Some pics of the finished job.


The slot next to the 10A fuse is always live from the terminal on the outside of the box. The 5A fuse is for audio and I slipped the bare ended wire into the inside terminal before pushing the fuse back in over the top of it.


The Power Magic Pro box stuck onto the panel next to the fuse box.


I was concerned that the rear blind might hit the rear view camera but it comes up without making contact.


Not a great picture of the front camera, but shows that the wiring is nicely tucked away.

i ran the wiring along the passenger side under the roof lining between the cameras and down the passenger A pillar behind the airbag down to the fuse box and Power Magic Pro.

A lot easier job than I anticipated and took about two hours. I'm sure I could have saved maybe an hour if I knew what I know now. Hopefully someone else can benefit now.

Good Luck!

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