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ISF owner from Sydney

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Hey all,

Haven't really had any time to post up but I'm actually not that new. More like long time reader, 1st time poster.  Had a 2013 Silver IS350 previously which I have sold.  Currently, I have a 2012 Silver ISF, looking to see and interact with other enthusiastic owners.

Hoping to increase my knowledge and improving the car.

Happy motoring and see ya around,





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Looks great, and nice colour choice.  You got the LSD, i dont in my older model :-(

Looks stock, any modificaitons to it yet?

I actually looked at the IS350 before purchasing my ISF.  I know there are many youtube videos showing the difference but how do you find the performance difference between the 2.  Is it what you expected or not as big as a difference?

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I like to keep my car as sleeper as possible lol.  Looks stock as a rock, so far:

-RR bushes

-RR AO separator

-Stoptech stainless steel brake lines

-HPS intake elbow

-Joez Catback

Looking for ppe headers and maybe a tune afterwards.

I found my previous 2nd gen IS350 much easier to launch (had a JoeZ intake and Tanabe exhaust) and not much difference to a 100km/h compared to the ISF.  Maybe its the short 1st and 2nd gear.  From a 100 onwards, it starts to get really noticeable.


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Ive got similar mods but got a tune and modified primary exit restriction near the cats so its now 3 inches.  Both made a big difference.

Never been in a 350 let alone drive next to one to compare but heard they were quick for a 6.  Im sure top end the V8 in ours will easily pull away but curious you found them similar to 100.  Must be simply more power is trickier to launch with RWD.

There is a possible group buy going for PPE headers right now on this forum

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