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Hi All,

Newbie here and I just bought a 2013 IS300h F sport.  It has a sweet cream leather interior that I would like to protect on occasion.  I've tried searching the internet and ebay and this forum but all seem to link to generic covers.  I had a 2001 IS300 for ten years and see myself having this car long term.

Can you guys share any experiences?  It's a shame to cover up such a beautiful interior, but also worse to let it get damaged.  I remember seeing some car seat covers that were almost like a second leather skin, they fit directly over the seat but still leave you with a great look.  I dont remember if that was for my Lexus or a VW Multivan I had.

Also happy to be pointed to a pre-existing thread.  I did search but couldnt find one.  Also - are there other Lexus models with the same seats?  They might be easier to find under another model.


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