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Lexus / Samsung Bluetooth Connection Problem

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Advice sought to resolve the following Bluetooth problem:
Vehicle: 2008 RX350
Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung works correctly as it detects and pairs with my wife's iPhone 5 but not our RX350's Bluetooth. I have googled the problem and completed the recommended fixes (eg. Clear Cache, etc.), but none have been effective. As the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a popular mobile, I hope contributor/s will know of an effective solution.


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The BT stack is bit odd - there's a pairing sequence that is initiated when 2 devices have to pair, and sometimes the timing of this results in failure. 

Here's what I recommend you do -

- If you have ever connected the Samsung S5 to this car before, try removing the link first. Also remove all other phones listed there which are no longer in use and make sure that there is at least 1 space available to store a new phone

- If the phone was removed in step above, switch off and restart the car (just ACC mode is fine, no need to start the engine)

- Switch on bluetooth on phone and then 'long press' the BT icon, under paired devices, remove all that are not relevant

- Switch off BT on phone

- On car screen, from the phone menu, select add phone - this forces the car to broadcast the BT availability and wait for pin, immediately after this, turn on BT on the phone, the car device should be visible and you can try to pair it. Sometimes during this you'll get a popup on the phone stating that the car wants to pair with PIN 'XXXXX'. Depends on if the phone makes the connection or the car does. Once done, click accept on the phone first, then on the car screen


Alternatively, you may also see a message on the phone stating that the car wants to access Phonebook and messages - you'll need to allow this.  

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Problem solved. It would appear that an Android phone must be connected/paired FIRST, followed by the iPhone.

1. Switched ignition on, deleted iPhone5 from vehicle's system (all six "slots" now free), switched ignition off.

2. Switched ignition on, activated Samsung BT, connection established and paired with vehicle.

3. Switched ignition off, switched off Samsing BT. Switched ignition on, activated iPhone5 BT, connection established and paired with vehicle.

4. Despite permitting up to six phones, vehicle system permits ONLY ONE at a time to operate - it's a 10-year old system. Consequently, remember to select appropriate phone before moving off.

NOTE: When switching ignition On/Off, only switch to "Accessories"; it is not necessary to start the engine.


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