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Hello all,

              thinking ill change the oil in the diff on my 2007 but I'm getting conflicting info off the web. Apparently i need two crusher washers, one for the drain and filler bolts. Some say reuse the ones on there as they will be ok but if i don't get new ones and there not ok I'm snookered for a while. Anyone know where to get them? Some places on the web say its part number 12157-10010, yet other sites say this number isn't compatible. 

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Ive never changed a crush washer on about 20 vehicles.  Doesn't mean you shouldn't but they are not normally a problem.

Never had a leak or nor do I over tighten.

Years ago when they were copper we used to hit them with a flame to re anneal.

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i had to look up the meaning of reanneal lol anyway I've tracked a couple of crush washers down just in case

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