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I have a 2015 is300 and recently purchased an H7 LED conversion kit from NOVSIGHT. When I received it, I quickly realized it would not work because it is designed for cars that have the H7 plug/harness accessible outside of the headlight enclosure. As you likely know, the headlight enclosure on the newer is300 has a single wiring harness that delivers power to all of the bulbs and it is distributed internally within the enclosure...so, no H7 female to plug the bulb into. The factory bulb plugs into a small round gray holder which has metal conductors on the sides. The holder serves two purposes - 1. It complete the electrical circuit to get power to the bulb. 2. It twists into the opening in the enclosure and holds the bulb securely in place. 
So, for my question - Does anyone know of an LED conversion kit that will work with my car? Or, are the some good mod plans that aren't too crazy difficult to get a kit to work/fit properly? 

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ok for starters u posted in the wrong section

and now for the question

your car runs xenons from factory and should be a d4s bulb

where did you get the info of h7 working on your car?


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