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I am interested to know if my recent power steering failure is a common problem with Lexus owners whos cars have electric power steer systems.

Fortunately, my steering failed when the car was stationary and not being driven at speed or in traffic. RACQ mechanic attended and diagnosed it as a relay failure in the power steer system. As the car had not been serviced at a Lexus Dealer since 2013 by the previous owner, I elected to make contact with the local Lexus Dealer. The response that I received when I explained what my problem was totally shocked me. Basically, the operator at Indooroopilly Lexus was not interested in assisting me due to: A) He advised me that they were short staffed at present and may not be able to even look at the car until a week into the new month, B) He had no loan cars or demos available to lend me. I did not ask for or needed a loan car. 

At no time did he offer to help me get the car back into a driveable state or suggest that I send the car to him for assessment and rectification. 

If this is the usual treatment that is offered to owners of Lexus vehicles I am very disappointed. 

A search on the net would indicate that the power steering on IS250 models leaves a lot to be desired. Had I known this I would not have bought a Lexus. If anyone is aware of a recall that relates to power steering issues please let me know.

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there actually isnt much eps problems here in australia

there are number of reasons why the EPS could fail

ecu/ racking itself / fuse etc/ i have seen one car that have failed eps and we diagnosed the failure to a aftermarket HID kit that interfered with the EPS with electronic pulse

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Successful dealerships can have weeks of backlog, regardless of brand.  They may reserve a slot or 2 in case a valued customers is in need.  Either join the queue or find someone that nobody want to go to.  Then you will realise why there is no waiting.

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