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Used IS250 choice


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Hi, I am a new member and looking to become a Lexus owner. Looking for a used IS250 - anywhere from 2007 to 2010 years. Preferably Sports Luxury model.

Been doing plenty of research and looking at a few cars in Sydney.

Quick question to get some thoughts from you experts here, choice between a 2007 or 08 Sports Luxury with say 150'ish Kms on it for $10-11k, or a 2010 Prestige with around 110 Kms for $13.5k. Both about the same service history - good, but not fully complete.

I'm thinking the 2010 Prestige - got less features (for example no reversing camera), but better Kms and I hear that the melting dashboard issue was sorted out by the 2010 model - this right? Extra $2.5k worth it?

Any thoughts?

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Thanks guys. Looking now at a 2008 Prestige Upgrade - good service history, body/mechanics a lot better than the SL's I have been seeing, and cheaper. So I'm okay to miss out on the extra features - also first car for my son so I'm not too concerned. Only one key though - so I'm worried about the cost of getting another one!

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Hi rakddon. Went the 2008 Prestige - upgrade model - sunroof, GPS, xenon headlights etc.

But now we've got a crack in the windscreen! Over 12 inches so not repairable. No insurance coverage for windscreens and do not want to make a standard claim.

Trying to get quotes now. Little worried about the cost. Notice that the wiper heater is in the screen - that's all - no rain sensing and antennae is in rear window. My son is not bothered about the heater so I am thinking of going the obrien basic screen - but I have seen screens from Autoglass in QLD that include the heater for $175!. 

Not concerned with going Lexus genuine - but thoughts?

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