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Roof Rack Recommendations please

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Hi guys, 

Newby here, and was hoping to hear from anyone who has or knows anything good or bad about roof racks for IS300h (06/13).   Have been looking at Thule and Whispbar.   (Both rated to 60kg).  Lexus can supply one similar price and load rating but they’re unsure of the brand they sell.   Was just curious as to whether anyone has experience with having them installed on their sedan.   Road noise?  Easy to pop on and off ?   I plan on carrying one or two SUPs.   Thank you in advance. 


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Hi there, I don't own an IS, I own an NX 300 and purchased my roof racks from my Lexus dealer. The roof racks are easy to fit, only take about 3 minutes to attach and same to remove.

All I can say is I am so thankful that they are so easy to attach and remove, simply because they are soooo ugly on the car 😞 I was sort of hoping I could leave one on for attaching a UHF aerial to, but nope too ugly. So if you looking for something that looks good on your Lexus, you might want to look at them first, as I got mine in the box and never saw them until first time I attached them.

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