First Mod Done (Painted Headlight Surrounds) and Introduction to this forum - 2011 RX350

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Hi All,

First up hello.  I own a 2011 Lexus RX350 Sports Luxury and I am based in Perth.  I bought my current RX last year from Queensland and had it shipped over to Perth.  Prior to this RX, I have owned (at least in the Lexus family), 2 second generation RX330's, Lexus ES300 and 4 Toyota/Lexus Soarers.  I (as well as my kids now) refer to my car as "Belle" and I do like to modify my cars visually and subtly.  Here is "Belle" after my recent modification to "black out the headlights" by painting the surrounds.  I hope to contribute to the forums over time.  






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