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RC350 F sport tyres


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Hi guys,

I had a small issue with my new tyres and wanted to seek an advice on this forum. I recently replaced my tyres with a new set of Continental ContiSportCintact 5 as I found a good price, however the front tyres are XL (extra load) and rear are MO (Mercedes Original). Even if they fitted the sizes as per Lexus description the rear one has the sidewall shorter than not how it has to be, usually both should be around 93-94mm, but the rear is not, and it’s obviously visible, having the car leaning back words.

Went back to the tyre shop and discussed with them and they agreed to replace with the OME Bridgestone Potenza 050A (maybe they know that they got them wrong), however on the order it says XL for both new tyres. 

Does anyone know if the XL is different in sidewall hight from the normal ones, except the sidewall is reinforced? I read a bit and it seems the XL’s are suitable for SUV’s, and don’t want my tyres to look like UTE tyres.

Your feedback would me much appreciated. Thank you.

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