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3rd Gen IS350 Exhaust Recommendations

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Hi all,

Curious with anyone's experience with IS350 exhausts. Invidia's Axel back and cat back seems promising, has anyone had either done to their IS?

Does anybody have any other recommendations with essentially no drone, tinny noises and getting as much grunt (only within higher RPMs) out of the 3.5L.

Look forward to your responses.

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Any others that you may know of Rakddon? I think it may be hard to beat Invidia's set-up.

Also any distributors that you may know that can send them down for a good price?

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On 9/26/2019 at 3:56 PM, John T said:

Melbourne, VIC

I had my Invidia sourced by On The Run Motorsports in Springvale 2 years back for my Honda, they're an official distributor and can install it for you too. I just find it hard to justify the price though and would recommend going custom unless you don't mind spending the $. Had a custom a custom setup on my 2IS which cost me around $400 (excluding tips) and I couldn't have asked for better.

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6 hours ago, ThePerspectiveChanger said:

I had my Invidia Q300 Axle on the car. Wife disproved the tips...and I had to take it off...

It sound soooo good.


It's just sitting in my garage now 😞


Are you looking at selling your Invidia Axel Back? Feel free to message me ThePerspectiveChanger

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I've had a Xforce cat-back (Varex version) on my is350 for 2 years. IMO the sound is amazing. There was a little drone on the freeway cruising up a slight hill. I simply hit the button and close the exhaust valve which takes the sound back to stock.

For the normal road driving the exhaust was always open and no drone whatsoever. 

I didn't notice much power difference. Maybe a little more torque in the higher rpms. 




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