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G’day, just after some advice as I want to buy a 2011-2012 IS250 luxury model as I want one with adaptive cruise control because I do a lot of highway driving. My first question is about reliability as I have never owned a Lexus but have always had Japanese cars and need it to be reliable so if it has been serviced regularly do you think it would be reasonable to expect 5-10 years of hassle free driving? Also I am trying to figure out differences between models but what I can figure out is luxury model is only one with adaptive cruise control plus also has sat nav and reverse camera? Lastly how do they go towing? It would be very occasionally I would tow anything and likely well under 1500kgs. Thanks for all your advice.  Regards Andrew 

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Hi AndyS, Just in case you don't get the specific advice you require I'll at least pass on my experience with my own vehicle which is a little different. I have a 2013 IS350 F-Sport with both available extra option kits so it pretty well has everything. I find that the attention to detail and workmanship is absolutely brilliant. I once owned a Porsche 928 and I would say that the Lexus is every bit as well finished as that was. My Lexus is absolutely brilliant on the highway, mind you it's pretty brilliant everywhere. I've no problem whatsoever with reliability but I have to say that it's only done about 38,000 kms. The adaptive cruise control is a nice feature. All in all I can't recommend the Lexus highly enough. I have a friend who has an IS250, somewhat older model, and they absolutely rave about it so I think you're onto a good choice. Good luck with it all. Regards, Geoff

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Thanks Geoff your advice is greatly appreciated. As I need the car for work I would not normally consider a car this old but keep hearing how reliable they are plus I love driving them. Anyway thanks again.

Cheers Andrew

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Hi Rakddon,

Thats good to know. I was looking at about 20k but flexible for the right car. Also curious what brake assist does on this model? Is it emergency braking or to do with hill starts?

Regards Andrew 

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If you have up to $20k to play with i would suggest you get the IS350 over the IS250. The IS250 is relatively underpowered and wont like hauling a trailer around weighing up to 1,500kg.

The IS350 is considerably more powerful, does not suffer the carbon buildup issue the IS250 engine does, and with the extra power will make the car more effortless to drive on a daily basis.

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