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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 1994 LS400. The brake wear indicator light appeared on the dash so I figured I would replace the brakes pads.

Turns out that the wear indicator leads have been worn through in a previous life, disconnected and tied out of the way. The brake pads are actually new so I buy a new wear lead.

I go to fit the new one and for the life of me cannot work out where the wear component fits because it was tied out of the way and I have nothing to reference it to.

Cannot be that hard I say, and begin to research the car manuals and watch Youtube videos, and all these resources reference the UCF20 variety of car which has a different brake system completely. (Clips and Pins in the calipers etc)

The brake shoes I have in the UCF10 model do not have the facility to fit the brake wear sensors like the UCF20 version does.

I have attached a picture of the brake system (UCF20) that I DO NOT and this makes perfect sense. I have the June 1994 UCF10 type.

My concern now, is there will be an external clip that has been thrown away that I will require. 

Does anyone have a drawing or can easily explain how to fit this wear sensor on the car I have?



Front brake.png

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UPDATE: If the right brake pads were installed in the first place, a notched our section in the brake pad to accommodate the sensors would be available. Instead the person before installed the pad for a different model that did not have the sensors and then just chopped them off. 


Check that the right pads were installed.

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