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Bought my new NX today. Few Questions


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I just received my new F-sports NX today and had a few questions I couldn't find answered on google. 

1. There is an auto button on my rear view mirror. It has one light on the left and one on the right. Only the light on the left is toggled when I click the auto button. What does this do?

2. Is there a way to display both the digital speed (e.g. 63KM) and the LPKM (litres per 100KM) on the information display? It seems like I can only see one or the other.

3. What does the settings -> info page settings do? e.g. info page 1, info page 2. It doesn't seem to change anything when I make updates. 

4. Is the turn signal progressive taillights on the rear only meant to be a small part e.g. not the trunk part. It seems extremely small and I was expecting them to be the full length from left to right like the RX models? 

5. The dealership made quite a few stuff ups e.g. my welcome package referenced NX300H (hybrid) wheras the model is petrol. My registration shows up as a "Panel Van with Windows 4WD" wheras the car should be front wheel drive. Is there a way to check if it is 4WD vs 2WD? 

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