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New to the Forums - Headlight issue

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Hello all. I am now the owner of a Platinum Edition IS200. It used to belong to my late father and was passed on to me to take care of after he passed away.  It is a beautiful vehicle, rides well, feels comfortable for me (6 foot 4 tall) but not for my wife, but that is not the issue 😉


The right headlight stopped working whilst driving it home from Sydney, so, I assumed that it was just the bulb. I replaced it, but in doing so I lost the cap that seals the headlight unit. Replacing the bulb did not solve the headlight issue, so I was wondering if anyone could help me in regards to what the issue is. I did check the fuses under the bonnet, but the right hand headlight fuse seems ok. I swapped it for the left hand side one, and the left hand light works.

The other issue is where can I get a replacement cap for the right hand side headlight cluster.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Without taking the whole front bumper bar off, is there a way to work out what sort of Ballast the car needs?


Took it to an auto electrician and they said it was the ballast that needed replacing for the headlight. Apart from contacting Lexus, anyone have an idea where i could get a replacement ballast for it, and what the part number would be? Or where i could get a replacement?


Thank you for your time.



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