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Tyres for GS 350 MY 2013

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Hi, I have bought 2013 GS 350 March this year. The car is driving fine. Just bit concerned about traction while accelerating. I have maintained 33 PSI pressure but not sure if it is the right pressure. Also wondering what brands and model number are recommended for GS350 tyres.

Thank you !

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I put  Michelin PS4 on my IS350.  I run them at 38psi all around. Wear is very even.

Very happy with the grip including in the wet. A lot less Yellow light flashing. 🙂

2nd set I went up one size in width 5mm... A few benefits .

1st is rims are now a little bit better protected, speedo error is reduced by approx 2kph, traction seems better again 🙂

Bob Jane always had the best fitted prices at the time.

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