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NX200T - No audio from radio/bluetooth or phone in Mark Levinson entertainment system?


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Hi all,

Just last week my NX's sound just stopped.

No sound from radio or CD or Bluetooth and nothing from dialing or receiving calls.

  • I've checked the fuses and all appear fine
  • I read a hack on clublexus.com by pressing the steering wheel volume and turning the accessories on only (without starting).  This actually got the sound back for one day, now it's off again and the same method will not restore it again.
  • I've searched google and this forum and others but can't find and answer?
  • All other sounds from door open to parking sensors are working.

Has anyone out there experienced the same issue and the ultimate resolution.

Standard Mark Levinson system with Sports Lux model




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Very late reply I'm afraid, but if you still have the problem,  I had identical problem with ML in 2004 LS430.

It turned out to be a failure in the tuner which I had repaired by techie in Melb. Works perfectly now.

All the best


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