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So I bought a 2007 Lexus is250 with 108xxx Ks like 2 months ago. I have been researching and found they get carbon build up in the throttle body, so during lockdown I decided to give it a clean.

Once I had taken it off and cleaned it with brake cleaner (did not have throttle body cleaner), I put it back on and decided to turn the car on with the air intake tube off to hear the suction. And found out real quick that the car wasn't happy, so I reconnected the intake tube.

When I turned the car on again it started to idle at just below 2000rpm and after a few seconds it kept jumping between 2000 and 3000 rpms. And now every time I turn the car on it does this.

I've tried turning it off and on, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, I've made sure all plugs and hoses are reconnected but the problems is still there and cannot figure out what it is.

I thought the throttle body is broken, I'm not 100% sure it is I just got a quote from Toyota just incase and they said $1850 for a new one from Japan, which is stupidly expensive and I cannot afford it.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be wrong.

Thank you.  

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rest the ecu via disconecting the battery for 30 mins

and start from there

if the problem persist

then you might wanna change the TB to a used unit (if you have a access to one) to check if the tb is at fault

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Yeah I read online 2 ways to reset the ECU which hasn't helped.....Plus now the engine check light is on and VSC warning won't go away, also none of the passenger windows will work and driver side auto function doesn't work. 

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windows are easy fix 

look up on youtube how to reset windows

youll need to pull codes out of the car to see which fault codes have been logged

its good that u got check vsc 

it means the cars actaully detected a problem and will tell you what the problem is

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