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Does anyone use a Juicer and have good healthy juice recipes?


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I decided to just make my own juice with a breville juicer that I bought and drink it immediately since I hate eating veggies.

I started juicing a week ago and drinking my fresh made juice best juicer for tomatoes, and I noticed my lips are no longer chapped and its winter time so I think the vitamins and nutrients in the veggies and fruits helped.

Does anyone have any good recipes on what types of fruits and veggies should be mixed together and what the health benefit is of those recipes?

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I have had one of these for 10 years now , always clean it straight after use and found I can make nicer juice than the shops.. can even put hints of ginger and chilli etc

Love it !

I would also suggest your lips aren't chapped because you are intaking fluids now maybe?


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