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How to identify if your car has LSD.


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Hi all,

Just curious if my car has LSD. I own a 2016 Lexus RC350 F Sport .

Is there any way to find if the car has LSD without looking at the diff? Like can this be identified from any codes or VIN listed on the car?

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Make car safe.!!!!

Jack up both back wheels just off ground.

Car in neutral, handbrake off. 

Turn one wheel by hand. Both wheels should turn same direction. LSD.

Put in park or if manual 1st.  Should feel resistance when turning one wheel. If easy and one wheel turns the opp direction, no lsd.

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Thanks mate, Yeah I know about this method. Just wanted to see if it can be identified easier from any codes written on the labels. 
There is a code on the label found on the mid pillar on passenger side which says Trans/Axle. But not sure what it means.

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